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50+ Years of Industry Experience

Delivering exceptional, personalized service on a no-fee basis to our customers. Your advocate in the world of real estate and moving.

Relocation Services Group (RSG) is an innovative relocation firm offering over 50 years of industry experience. We are North America’s leading organization for managing relocations for Canadian, American and multi-national organizations. We provide one-call access to savings, as well as the best of service from all real estate companies and major van lines in North America or around the world.

Unique to our firm is the exclusive Real Estate Cash Back Reward program. Further, RSG is the only relocation company that operates on a no-fee basis to our members. This is unprecedented within the relocation industry. RSG is truly a leader in its field having built our reputation with industry expertise, value added benefits, customer satisfaction and substantial savings.

Increasing costs and demands of life are placing more and more pressure on your relocation plans.  RSG helps individuals and families meet these challenges with sound professional advice, a wide range of readily adaptable products and services, price guarantees, free auditing services for moving services, with a keen focus on your individual and family needs.

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