Corporate Services

Coordinating and simplifying all aspects and details of downsizing, moving and real estate while saving you money.

Corporate Services

Are you an employee moving for work? Are you an employer that regularly relocates employees to different parts of the country or internationally? In addition to our consumer services we have Corporate Services available that can streamline the relocation process, lower costs, and provide a Cash Back Reward for your corporation.

Move Management

For the Employee

  • One toll-free number to call to acquire professional assistance and manage all of the personal details of the relocation
  • Improves employee morale by providing a benefit to employee and family – “the company cares”

Your Company

  • No hidden management fees
  • Adherence to and administration of your relocation policy
  • Encourages earlier employee mobility and productivity
  • Significantly reduced transportation costs
  • Home sale coordination
  • Home search coordination
  • Employer receives reporting on property sale activity and is in control of home marketing efforts
  • Relieves your busy H. R. Department of the administrative burden of managing staff transfers. Relocation Services Group selects the carrier, negotiates volume discounts, and audits the movers invoice for errors and overcharges
  • Assistance with claims resolution should this occur
  • One call to coordinate all aspects of the relocation
  • Diversified “one stop” service for all your relocation needs

Other Moving Services Offered

  • Corporate Policy Adherence
  • Corporate Policy Development
  • Downsizing Assistance
  • Out-placement Assistance
  • Division Closures
  • Bulk Relocations
  • Office Relocations

Home Search & Purchase (Corporate)

Help from someone you can trust

Relocation Services Group’s (RSG) staff make special efforts to provide you and your family support and assistance during and after the transition of a relocation. The  goal of this service is to ease the transition to a new home and community through the referral of a top agent who will help you find the right home, in the right area, in your price range.

Our recommended agents are familiar in the area you are considering and will provide neighbourhood information about the community.  The agent will make appointments, take you to showings and negotiate for you, when you find the right home.

As a buyer, you do not pay real estate commissions but as an RSG client, you qualify to receive a cash back reward from your purchase.

Key Benefits:

  • Choose your own agent from any real estate company or use one of our proven industry professionals.
  • Top agent negotiators at destination to help you find the right home at the best price.
  • You qualify for the cash back reward on your purchase.

Importance of Early Provision of Home Search

The best time to call us is before making a transfer offer to the employee. In this way, the information kit and advice can be made available to the employee along with the transfer request (facilitating an advised positive decision). Home Search works with you as an integral part of your human resources management of staff relocations.

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