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Q. What is Relocations Services Group?

We are a relocation consulting firm that offers our services to our associated members for free. We specialize in the areas of Real Estate and Moving of Household Goods. We are the Home of the “Real Estate Cash-Back Reward Program”.

Q. What is the “Real Estate Cash-Back Reward Program?

When you buy and/or sell your home through our referring broker, you get “cash back” when your home deal closes.

Q: How do I get this reward?

Call RSG FIRST to coordinate all aspects of your real estate and moving needs. To qualify for our discounts and the Cash Reward Program, it is imperative that you contact us first. We can only assist you if we make the initial contact to the real estate company/agent and moving companies on your behalf. Aside from saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars, we will make things easy for you.

Q: Can you tell me more about how you can save me money?

There are three distinct areas we can assist you and save you money.

  1. Cash Reward– Receive a cash reward from either/or your home sale and also for your home purchase.
  2. Real Estate – We will select a top-performing agent for you, or you can advise us of an agent you would like to deal with and we will as well. We will also arrange for an agent to assist you in finding your new home. Again, it is imperative that we make contact with the real estate agent on your behalf in order to qualify for the cash rebate.
  3. Moving – We will arrange for an agent to perform a survey of the contents of your home and then compare pricing with other reputable carriers. We will assist in the carrier selection based on price, reputation, guarantees, etc. We will act on your behalf for any questions or concerns you may encounter. We also will complete a comprehensive audit of your moving bill afterward at no charge to you. As with the real estate program, we must make contact with the moving companies on your behalf to get competitive pricing and to provide the complementary audit service.
Q: Is there a cost?

There is absolutely no cost to our members or their family members. Simply identify yourself as an associated member when you call us.

Q: May I arrange the services myself?

We are only able to assist you if we coordinate the services. If you call the realtors or movers directly, we will not be able to provide the cash rebate or assist with moving coordination or auditing of charges.

Q: Can family and friends use the program?

Yes, when they mention to us how they were referred to Relocation Services Group. They must indicate that they have been referred to us by yourself.

Q: Are there any restrictions?

We must make contact to the real estate agent(s) and moving companies on your behalf to qualify. We are here to help and here to save.

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